RCG4-WCA Task Teams 

The task teams focus on SDG4 targets and means of implementation, as well as on important themes that cross several SDG4 targets (such as planning, monitoring, inclusion and teaching and learning).


The RCG4-WCA task teams (December 2019)

  1. Education Systems' Strengthening (SYSTeam) Leads: UNESCO and UNICEF
  2. Teaching and Learning: Educators' Network for Transformation (TALENT) Lead: UNESCO
  3. Gender & Inclusion in Education (GENIE) Leads: Humanity & Inclusion (HI)
  4. Early Childhood Development and Pre-school Education Leads: UNICEF and Tostan
  5. Higher Education Leads: CAMES
  6. Technical and Vocational Education and Training Leads: African Development Bank, OIF-IFEF and UNESCO
  7. Learning to Live Together Leads: OIF-IFEF and UNESCO