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Below you can find a number of online learning resources which allow you to study educational topics.

Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU)'s Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Online Campus

The APCEIU online e-platform offers free courses covering the topic of GCED meant for a wide audience of practitioners, educators and students:

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 GCED Online Campus

UNESCO'S International Institute for Education Planning Learning Portal

Explore four learning themes covering topics of teaching and pedagogy, learning, curriculum, classroom management, education system management, education system planning and monitoring frameworks for evaluating learning.

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Monitor Learning

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 UNICEF Inclusive Education Booklets and Webinars

14 Technical Booklets and accompanying webinar videos on Inclusive Education, produced by UNICEF, in English.  Each Technical Booklet was developed by an expert and introduces a sub-theme of particular interest within the topic of Inclusive Education. These booklets have been peer-reviewed widely.

Module 1: Conceptualizing Inclusive Education [webinar video]

Module 2: Definition and Classification of Disability [webinar video]

Module 3: Legislation and Policies for Inclusive Education [webinar video]

Module 4: Collecting Data on Child Disability [webinar video]

Module 5: Mapping Children with Disabilities Out of School [webinar video]

Module 6: Education Management Information Systems and Children with Disabilities [webinar video]

Module 7: Partnerships, Advocacy and Communication for Social Change [video unavailable]

Module 8: Financing of Inclusive Education [webinar video]

Module 9: Inclusive Pre-School Programmes [webinar video]

Module 10: Access to School and the Learning Environment I - Physical, Information and Communication [webinar video]

Module 11: Access to School and the Learning Environment II - Universal Design for Learning [webinar video]

Module 12: Teachers, Inclusive, Child-Centred Teaching and Pedagogy [webinar video]

Module 13: Parents, Family and Community Participation in Inclusive Education [webinar video]

Module 14: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation [webinar video]



inclusive ed webinars




Self-study Course on Peace Education 

This course offers self-study modules which allow any user to learn according to his or her own pace and needs, with the ultimate goal of promoting peace education in the ECOWAS area.

Module 1 – A culture of peace, conflict prevention and management

Module 2 – Human Rights

Module 3 – Citizenship and civic life

Module 4 – Democracy and good governance

Module 5 – Gender, prospects for peace and development

Module 6 – Public health, the environment and sustainable development

Module 7 – Regional integration

Module 8 – Values, physical education and sport

  Cours d'autoformation sur l'éducation à la paix



Self-study Course for Teacher Capacity Building in Africa Through ICT Integration

Module 1 – Introduction to online teaching and learning

Module 2 – Learning styles and pedagogical engineering

Module 3 – E-learning and Web 2.0

Module 4 – Planning and developing an online course

Module 5 – Introduction to developing a course with Moodle

Module 6 – UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Module 7 – Project – Putting skills into practice

Module 8 – Evaluation of the training of trainers course