The RCG4-WCA endeavours to bring together all UN and non-UN agencies and organizations (including civil socity organisations, higher education networks, research community, teachers’ unions or representations, etc.) working on education development in West and Central Africa (WCA) to coordinate and harmonize strategies and efforts.

Membership is based on the following eligibility criteria: an organization working on education in WCA that is regionally or globally based and has representation in one or more countries of the region. Membership in the RCG4-WCA is on the basis of invitation or request. Eligible organizations wishing to join are expected to make an official request to the Secretariat of the RCG4-WCA based at the UNESCO Regional Office in Dakar, which will consult the group member organizations to enquire their approval or non-objection.

Membership is institutional and not individual in order to guarantee the continuity of participation and information exchange in the course of time.

The RCG4-WCA is composed of a plenary group and several task teams, whose work is facilitated by the Secretariat and a steering team.