Context and objectives

The Education 2030 Framework for Action calls for well-resourced, efficient, inclusive, equitable, responsive, resilient, and effectively governed education systems that can meet the diverse learning needs of all children, youth, and adults in a lifelong learning perspective.

Members of the RCG4-WCA who support areas related to education policy, planning, management, and financing have joined forces in view of supporting the embedding of SDG4-Education 2030 into National Education Planning, centered on the strengthening of national and institutional capacities.



Activities of the Task Team focus on the development of support tools and frameworks, sharing of best practices and support to the strengthening of national capacities in sector planning and country data systems in the context of SDG4-Education 2030, including in fragile states affected by conflict.



The Education Systems' Stengthening Task Team is co-led by UNESCO Dakar Office and UNICEF WCARO


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Member organizations of the Task Team are: