GPE: The Global Education Summit: 28 & 29 July 2021

The Global Education Summit kicks off tomorrow at 09:00 ET / 14:00 London BST with an exciting program of thematic sessions, featuring a wide variety of engaging speakers. The four concurrent sessions are:

  • Education’s reset - Learning from COVID
  • Gender equality in and through education
  • Ripple effect – Education’s impact on sustainability
  • Financing for impact – Volume, equity, efficiency

In the Education’s reset session , you’ll learn about how the education crisis  stemming from COVID-19   is an opportunity to re-imagine education systems, how to transform children’s learning journey, generate better use of technology, and ways to collaborate to better protect and strengthen education in the face of crises.

In the Gender equality session, speakers will talk about stereotypes that impede both boys and girls from achieving equality and how to challenge them, about hardwiring gender in all aspects of education planning, and ways to make education a reality for girls with disabilities.

In the Ripple effect session, experts will discuss the links between education and health, nutrition, protection and children’s rights. You’ll hear about how climate change disrupts children’s education and how we can improve resilience and create green jobs for the future.

And in the Financing for impact session, speakers will discuss the future of education financing to build the workforce we need in the 21st century, including challenging conventional wisdom about what works. They will also address how to strengthen domestic financing in the face of competing budget demands, how data can help countries reach quality learning and how prioritizing teachers and alignment leads to better results.

You can choose to watch a session in full or have the flexibility to move from one to another depending on the speakers or topics that most interest you.

See all the thematic sessions with full list of speakers on our program page.

London Live: High-level attendance to advance global education

On Thursday, July 29, the summit kicks off at 05:00 ET / 10.00 BST for a day of high-level dialogues and engaging exchanges. The program will be stimulating, with the participation of several heads of state and dozens of ministers of education from GPE partner countries, leaders of multilateral development banks, the private sector, private foundations, civil society organizations, international organizations and GPE youth leaders.

Grounded in the challenges and opportunities facing global education today, speakers will discuss how COVID-19 has been the greatest disruption to education in our generation, how transforming education necessarily passes through enhancing girls’ education and making gender equality a reality, and how education can help tackle the climate crisis.

We will also hear financing commitments by GPE partner countries and pledges from sovereign donors, private foundations, businesses and development banks to support GPE’s work and enable transformational change in education systems.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can still register to watch the full program on the summit virtual portal

We will also stream the full event live on our summit page, but registered participants will have access to additional features, notably the possibility to chat and ask questions during the sessions, along with access to related content.

We look forward to seeing you at the summit tomorrow!