UNHCR West & Central Africa Education Newsletter.

In this issue, you will find information on UNHCR’s recent education interventions and partnerships, a point on emergency situations affecting education delivery across the region, as well as the latest useful resources on refugee education. 

As usual, you'll find the Newsletter’s content below and the full version online on UNHCR Operational Portal


RBWCA Education Newsletter #27 – March 2021

COVID-19 Pandemic worsening Gender Inequalities in Education

UNHCR’s Education Interventions:

  • [CHAD] Improved quality education through innovative learning tools
  • [GHANA] New partnership with Mastercard Foundation pave way for more refugees to have access to higher education
  • [SENEGAL] Refugee women access certified vocational training
  • [CAMEROON-NIGER] Refugee education at the center of International Women’s Day celebrations

Education in Emergencies

  • [Central Sahel] Project 21: Regional Protection Monitoring
  • [Protecting Education from Attack] Improved Monitoring and Reporting

Resources: Focus on Girls’ Education

  • [UNICEF] Reimagining Girls’ Education
  • [PLAN INTERNATIONAL] Listen to Us: Adolescent Girls in North West South West Cameroon on Conflict and Covid-19

Funding Opportunity

  • [UNESCO] Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education